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Countryside Farm and Greenhouse Inc. is a family owned and operated business started
in 1976 by Jack and Rexine Krause. We were both school teachers at the time and
built a small 20' x 40' glass and aluminum hobby house intending to grow plants for our own
garden use. We decided to sell the surplus plants. It has become a hobby "run amok".

Always needing more space, a shed was converted into a geranium house and
a temporary "lean-to" was propped against the barn. In 1985 two houses, 20' x 100',
were constructed to accommodate the increasing volume of business.

Our son, Philip, joined us full time in the business and built three more houses
adjoining the first two. In 1995, two more were added. Several hoop houses
were later constructed to house perennials over winter.

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Of course being in business this long means we have also experienced
many setbacks. The worst one was during the blizzard in January, 1996
when the weight of the snow collapsed three of the greenhouses.


We are constantly growing to provide for our customers' needs and are currently building
an area to house garden related products. We recently started stocking garden art.
Haitian metal sculptures for indoor and outdoor use, tree free cards, garden soaps and
ointments, clay pieces, woven baskets, gazing balls, bagged soils, peat moss, decorative
planters, garden gloves, and fertilizer are just a few additional items available in the shop.


Currently the greenhouse is still operated by only family members.
Generally Jack maintains the grounds and helps with the plant materials.
Philip handles the growing, daily plant requirements, construction, and watering.
Rexine does the book-keeping, ordering, sales and customer service.
She frequently serves as a guest speaker on various plant or gardening topics.
Charity helps everybody with everything, focusing on customer service.

The greenhouses are open ten months a year with thousands of spring
bedding plants, annuals, perennials, vegetables, hundreds of varieties of
herbs and scented geraniums, mums, and many varieties of poinsettias.

We welcome all of you to come for a visit and see what's growing.


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Countryside Farm & Greenhouse, Inc.
439 Krause Road
Fleetwood, PA 19522
Phone: (610) 683-8586
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Fax: (610) 683-0882

40.4996623      -75.832543

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Saturdays:      9 am - 5 pm
Sundays:        Noon - 5 pm

*Weekdays:   9 am - 5 pm

April 18 to May 31
Saturdays:     9 am - 5 pm
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